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Why Broadband Is Crucial for Rural America

Roughly one-third of rural Americans lack access to high-speed broadband, compared with just 4% of urban Americans. The internet service that many rural Americans can access is slower, has limited capacity for downloading and uploading, and costs more than in urban areas. This prevents millions of Americans from participating in the digital economy and deprives them of many of the advances in commerce, education, and healthcare that urban America takes for granted. Closing the broadband connectivity gap today would raise the standard of living for millions of Americans.
Chariton Valley

Chariton Valley Expands Broadband in Rural Missouri with Netrality’s Interconnected Data Centers

Connectivity is crucial to the success of rural communities, and Netrality strongly supports improving rural broadband accessibility. That’s why we are very excited that CharitonValley, northeast Missouri’s premier communications company, has selected two of Netrality’s facilities to further broaden their broadband service to rural communities.