Commitment to Safety

Netrality is dedicated to creating, sustaining, and nurturing incident-free workplaces to ensure all stakeholders remain safe. We are developing, implementing, and reinforcing initiatives that strengthen Netrality’s safety-first culture. Our mission is to improve the communities we serve within our portfolio.

Committed to a Safe Workplace
Compliance with Regulatory Standards
Proactive Risk Management

Approach to Sustainable Data Centers

Netrality understands the importance of creating sustainable environments and has key initiatives in place to support our stakeholders, from customers to investors.

Temperature Optimization

Utilization of artificial intelligence to manage fan speeds and temperatures on HVAC units to decrease energy consumption

Equipment Upgrades

Programmatic replacement of end-of-life equipment with state of the art high-efficiency HVAC and electrical equipment

Emissions Tracking

Tracking greenhouse gas emissions and developing a formalized sustainability plan to achieve net-zero emissions

Lighting Upgrades

Transitioning from fluorescent to LED lighting across all properties

Sustainable Commuting

On-site bike parking rooms are available for customers and employees to reduce emissions

Future Data Hall Design

Future buildouts and renovations will include state-of-the-art, energy-efficient electrical distribution, and cooling technology

iMason’s Climate Accord

Netrality is proud to support the Infrastructure Masons’ Climate Accord (ICA) and pledge our commitment to reducing carbon in digital infrastructure. ICA is a historic coalition designed to govern a methodology that measures and reduces carbon in digital infrastructure through products, power, and materials.

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