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Interconnection Colocation Data Centers: Powering the Edge from the Network Core

Most enterprises already have digital capabilities. The current focus is optimizing their processes, increasing speed, and reducing latency across multiple cloud and physical environments. The solution is bringing critical resources closer to users at the edge — the interconnected, colocation edge data center.

Colocation and interconnection data center solutions work together to deliver best-in-class experiences. Colocation provides vendor-neutral Meet Me Rooms for cloud providers, content delivery networks, cloud service providers, Internet exchanges, and managed service providers to accelerate business performance. Interconnection allows seamless, direct connectivity to leading service providers within a data center environment.

These interconnected colocation edge data centers, are hubs of connectivity and innovation — bringing key resources as close as possible to service providers and end-users alike. Download our infographic to explore the players that comprise a colocation data center ecosystem.