Sunesys Enters Netrality Properties’ Meet Me Room


Netrality Properties announces that Sunesys has established a Point of Presence in its Meet Me Room (MMR) at 401 North Broad, the leading Carrier Hotel in Philadelphia and the Mid-Atlantic Region. The new presence provides 401 North Broad’s carrier, education, healthcare, enterprise and media customers full access to Sunesys’ portfolio of dark fiber, lit, cloud and IP services critical to the city and region, expanding to and from the New York, Washington D.C. and Virginia markets.

“401 North Broad is a major interconnection hub for our fiber network, covering 6,000+ miles in the Mid-Atlantic region, and a critical meeting point for SunTran, our data center transport solution. Netrality’s unique offering of no monthly recurring cross connect fees coupled with a building-owned MMR makes it an ideal location to service our growing customer base,” stated Alan Katz, Vice President of Sunesys. “For these reasons we are very excited that Netrality has acquired this critical Carrier Hotel, built the MMR and is committed to helping us expand our business.”

As demand for extensive and cost-effective distributed connectivity for content and application delivery continues to increase, locations such as 401 North Broad become even more essential. These core interconnection points provide a compelling solution for network operators of all types that need to directly connect to metro, national and global networks to successfully participate in the data process. Netrality has embraced this future, and with its investment, has positioned 401 North Broad as the leading education, healthcare and media network hub for Philadelphia and the Mid-Atlantic region.

“We sincerely appreciate the response and support that we have received from the networking community for our new MMR at 401 North Broad,” stated Hunter Newby, Chief Strategy Advisor of Netrality Properties. “We are thrilled to welcome Sunesys in to the room and to continue to offer additional network service options to our customers, which improves the marketplace and adds value for everyone involved.”

About Netrality Properties:

Netrality Properties integrates the ownership of carrier hotel real estate and the operation of data center colocation, providing network neutral “Meet Me Room” environments with long-term stability and no monthly recurring charges for cross connections. Netrality Properties currently owns approximately 3 million square feet of carrier hotel property including 325 Hudson Street in New York (owned in Joint Venture with Jamestown, LP), 401 North Broad Street in Philadelphia, 1102 Grand in Kansas City, 717 South Wells in Chicago, and 1301 Fannin in Houston. Netrality is a joint venture operated by affiliates of Amerimar Enterprises and Hunter Newby. For more information on Netrality Properties, please visit

About Sunesys:

Sunesys is a leading provider of premium bandwidth services and private fiber optic networks. Sunesys owns, operates, and maintains their own high density fiber optic network in major metropolitan areas across 31 states in the U.S. Sunesys offers a comprehensive suite of tailored, high-capacity, facilities-based network services coupled with superior industry expertise, service, and support. For more information on Sunesys’ fiber solutions, please visit: