Sohonet Establishes a Point of Presence at 325 Hudson

New York

Sohonet Inc. has established a Point of Presence (PoP) at 325 Hudson, the rising Carrier Hotel and Meet Me Room in New York City. The new PoP grants 325 Hudson’s carrier, enterprise and media customers full access to Sohonet’s Media Network and Connected Cloud Services.

Sohonet, the global expert in connectivity and data management will leverage its presence at 325 Hudson, a carrier-neutral interconnection facility in the heart of New York City, to support the professional content creation community. With Sohonet’s latest PoP fully established at this site, 325 Hudson customers will be able to easily connect to Sohonet to enable collaboration with over 400 global Media and Entertainment companies via the Sohonet Media network and to provide fast and flexible access to networking solutions and connected cloud service that are customizable to their creative workflow requirements.

Damien Carroll, COO of Sohonet says, “Sohonet is expanding rapidly on the east coast and has seen significant growth in its customer base in New York. The decision to add a point of presence at 325 Hudson helps Sohonet to better serve new and existing customers. The innovative 325 Hudson offering fits well with Sohonet’s offerings by providing a flexible approach to networking solutions and delivering a market differentiator in terms of the commercial model. Sohonet is pleased to offer 325 Hudson customers connectivity to suit their size and budget. M&E companies who need to access highly secure connectivity solutions in short timescales can now step inside 325 Hudson’s ‘Meet Me Room’ and find the answer.”

“As the demand for extensive, cost effective, distributed connectivity for delivery technology continues to increase, 325 Hudson is very pleased to provide a hardened node for Sohonet to access direct, reliable, and optimized services in our neutral Meet Me Room,” said John A. Danko, Director of business development at 325 Hudson. “325 Hudson has embraced the future as the leading media and entertainment hub for New York City, and provides a compelling solution for those production and distribution companies needing to connect to metro, domestic and global resources and applications.”

About Netrality Properties:

Netrality Properties integrates the ownership of carrier hotel real estate and the operation of data center colocation, providing network neutral “Meet Me Room” environments with long-term stability and no monthly recurring charges for cross connections. Netrality Properties currently owns approximately 3 million square feet of carrier hotel property including 325 Hudson Street in New York (owned in Joint Venture with Jamestown, LP), 401 North Broad Street in Philadelphia, 1102 Grand in Kansas City, 717 South Wells in Chicago, and 1301 Fannin in Houston. Netrality is a joint venture operated by affiliates of Amerimar Enterprises and Hunter Newby. For more information on Netrality Properties, please visit

About Sohonet Inc:

Sohonet has an established heritage in connecting media businesses with their customers and partners, enabling a community of media companies to collaborate in the creation and delivery of exceptional content. Our “Connected Cloud Services” extend this capability to connect media businesses with storage and compute capacity anywhere in the world.

Sohonet continues to forge strong partnerships within the broadcast and film industry, supporting organizations such as the British Film Institute (BFI), SIGGRAPH, VES Awards and the Director’s Guild Trust and Director’s Guild of Great Britain. Its QC Solution plays an integral part in the complicated submission process for both the VES Awards and SIGGRAPH Awards for the past eight years.