Netrality Data Centers expands its Netrality Channel Partner & Strategic Alliances program


March 3, 2021

Seda Nur Cinar

Netrality Data Centers expands its Channel Partner & Strategic Alliances program that allows Netrality partners to leverage its ecosystem of providers to enhance and broaden their service offerings. This expansion means expanding the power of Netrality’s owner-operated data centers. The partners can reach the foundational elements for complete bundled solutions.

A portal for partners
Channel Partner Agents can sell colocation and connectivity services through Netrality Master Agents. Netrality provides agents, resellers and brokers’ end-users with a dense ecosystem of network carriers, cloud providers, CDNs, MSPs, and IXs to meet any IT and network requirements.

Craig Waldrop, Netrality’s Vice President of Channel & Strategic Alliances, said,

“Netrality’s ecosystem presents a high-quality set of industry-leading service providers that Channel Partners can plug their end-user customers into. We actively align and collaborate with our partners to add purpose-driven solutions to their sales portfolios and significantly increase their revenue generation capabilities. Our sales team works in coordination with Partners on all deals and we are committed to providing best-in-class service.”

Participants can use the portal to access co-branded marketing materials, local sales support, lead registration, virtual tours, and full visibility to track deal flow and payouts.