Everest Broadband Establishes a Point of Presence at 325 Hudson

New York

325 Hudson, the rising Carrier Hotel and Meet Me Room in New York City, today announced that Everest Broadband (Everest BBN) has expanded its network as a Point of Presence (PoP) into the 325 Hudson Meet Me Room. The new PoP grants 325 Hudson’s carrier and enterprise customers full access to Everest BBN’s network.

Leading provider of integrated IT communications solutions, Everest BBN has been delivering dedicated Internet connectivity to hundreds of businesses across the New York Tri-State area for more than 12 years. Offering customers fast and reliable symmetrical upload and download speeds of 25Mbps to 10Gbps is what differentiates them from other ISPs.

Everest BBN CEO Michael Panayiotis said, “We are pleased to work with 325 Hudson, their model of business coupled with their professionalism and understanding of the competitive market will make it easier for Everest BBN to offer dark fiber throughout New York and the US as well as provide integrated IT solutions internationally.”

“We are very excited to have an outstanding service provider within our facility and look forward to helping Everest BBN reduce their operating expenses through a simplified and efficient growth model in a multi-tenant environment,” states Hunter Newby, Chief Strategy Advisor of Netrality Properties. “The community in our Carrier Hotel will gain access to excellent levels of bandwidth capacity and secure voice and data services.”

About Netrality Properties:

Netrality Properties integrates the ownership of Carrier Hotel real estate and the operation of data center colocation, providing network neutral “Meet Me Room” environments with long-term stability and no monthly recurring charges for cross connections. Netrality Properties currently owns approximately 3 million square feet of Carrier Hotel property including 325 Hudson Street in New York (owned in Joint Venture with Jamestown, LP), 401 North Broad Street in Philadelphia, 1102 Grand in Kansas City, 717 South Wells in Chicago, and 1301 Fannin in Houston. Netrality is a joint venture operated by affiliates of Amerimar Enterprises and Hunter Newby. For more information on Netrality Properties, please visit www.netralityproperties.com.

About Everest Broadband (Everest BBN)

Everest BBN has been providing integrated IT communications solutions for small to medium businesses for more than 12 years. A full service Internet provider, which delivers superior personal service, tailored voice and data solutions and access to highly experienced systems engineers. Projects are managed by a team of dedicated network engineers, who partner with our customers at every stage, from their initial system assessment to complete product implementation and ongoing maintenance support. Our objective is to become our customers Trusted Technology Partner, providing them with tailored IT solutions that suit their business needs and budget.