325 Hudson and NexxCom Wireless Announce First Managed Wireless Meet Me Room

New York

325 Hudson, the carrier-neutral core interconnection facility strategically located on the fiber-dense crossroads of Hudson Street and the Holland Tunnel in New York City and NexxCom Wirelessannounce the first managed wireless Meet Me Room (MMR), which will operate from the 325 Hudson rooftop. The wireless MMR’s design, provided by NexxCom, is able to minimize frequency interference, maximize roof space and optimize customer ease of wireless connections while creating the highest capacity, highest availability and lowest latency connections across Manhattan, Northern New Jersey and beyond to support users with financial exchanges, mobile backhaul and disaster recovery connectivity needs.

The wireless MMR will enhance connectivity to subsea cables, New Jersey data centers and exchanges and provide access into long haul fiber and wireless networks to Chicago and additional western points. The ultra broadband, low latency wireless offering, coupled with access to multiple fiber and core transport providers, will address the demand from latency sensitive customers, diversify disaster recovery and business continuity operations and act as a low cost alternative for first or last mile connectivity from the building wired MMR within 325 Hudson’s interconnection facility.

Wireless services will be made available on both a private network basis and as a managed service, initially to several key sites in New Jersey.

“NexxCom’s proprietary wireless technology provides the first solution where high capacity, high availability and low latency aren’t mutually exclusive,” states Sal Benti, Chairman of NexxCom Wireless. “The wireless Meet Me Room will offer the state of the art in wireless capabilities from technology to planning to provide customers with a tailored solution to suit each user’s specific needs.”

“Our partnership with NexxCom Wireless to provide the first-of-its-kind, carrier-neutral wireless Meet Me Room in New York City further exemplifies our commitment to provide our customers with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art services,” continues Hunter Newby, Joint Venture Partner at 325 Hudson Street. “We look forward to bringing the submarine and terrestrial lit transport communities together with the microwave and millimeter wave community at 325 Hudson.”

For more information on 325 Hudson, visit www.325hudson.com.
For more information on NexxCom Wireless, visit www.nexxcomwireless.com.

About NexxCom Wireless

NexxCom Wireless is a full service, high performance wireless system supplier with proprietary high-capacity packet microwave and millimeter wave solutions that drive next-generation IP networks. NexxCom offers fully licensed broadband wireless networks with payloads to 1,000Mb/s. Our carrier-grade point-to-point packet microwave systems transmit broadband voice, video and data, enabling service providers, government agencies, enterprises and other organizations to meet their increasing bandwidth requirements competitively. In addition to wireless backhaul, NexxCom also provides solutions for leased line replacement, last mile fiber extensions and enterprise networks for commercial and government entities. Please visit www.nexxcomwireless.com.

About 325 Hudson

325 Hudson Street is a 10-story, 240,000 square foot building located in the heart of New York City’s “Hudson Square” neighborhood, along the fiber-dense Hudson Street corridor. The building has direct access to Transatlantic cables and major metro and regional fiber providers. The carrier-neutral core interconnection facility features a building-owned and managed Meet Me Room with a commitment to no monthly recurring cross connect fees. With the building and the Meet Me Room under common ownership, 325 Hudson provides a stable long-term neutral environment for global network operators to thrive in New York City.