IP transit solution

Global Connectivity from a Single Provider

Improve Network Reach, Performance and 
Resiliency with SDN-Enabled Global IP Transit

NetConnect, powered by a global Layer 3 IP network with multi-homed providers, provides enterprises fast, dependable, and cost-efficient global connectivity. 

NetConnect delivers quick IP turn-up for out-of-band management or rapid activation of new services in your data center environments. Meet evolving demands with a scalable, simplified ordering process for space, power, and connectivity requirements. 

Network Reach

Interconnections at key peering points in over 150 countries enable direct connectivity to over 4,600 networks.

Direct Peering

Leverage Netrality’s peering fabric and direct connectivity to over 4,000 SaaS providers for ultra-low latency access to business-critical applications and services.

Rapid Activation

SDN enabled service can be up and running within hours of port orders, and cross-connects can easily be added as needed.

Unmatched Performance

Global peering locations bypass traditional Tier 1 providers to ensure shorter paths, lower latency, and optimized throughput.

Assured Resiliency

Fully redundant points of presence (PoPs) ensure the most reliable connectivity even in the event of a backbone-level outage.

One Provider with Endless Possibilities

NetConnect simplifies the ordering process for IP transit connectivity, space, and power.

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