Lumen’s enterprise technology platform offers a flexible, secure and managed foundation, bridging networking, edge cloud, security, and collaboration to accelerate market agility, innovation, and growth.

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Network, Cloud, Managed IT, and Storage & Security Solutions


Lumen is guided by our belief that humanity is at its best when technology advances the way we live and work. With approximately 450,000 route fiber miles and serving customers in more than 60 countries, we deliver the fastest, most secure platform for applications and data to help businesses, government and communities deliver amazing experiences.

Lumen is designed specifically to address the dynamic data and application needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The core purpose of Lumen is to further human progress through technology, and nowhere is this opportunity more apparent than in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We believe humanity is always at its best when it’s producing innovative, amazing technologies that advance the ways we live and work. Because of this, we have built the Lumen Platform. A platform for amazing things.

The Lumen Platform is the result of all our network assets, cloud and edge connectivity, security, and collaboration solutions coming together to deliver the fastest, most secure platform for next-generation applications and data.

It manages for latency and performance, allowing applications to live across a variety of environments that bring compute services closer to where they are needed, when they are needed. This platform is designed to enable businesses to truly capitalize on their data, more quickly embrace emerging technologies that will reshape their business, and efficiently deliver the innovation that will redefine our way of life.


LUMEN Solutions: 

  • Adaptive Networking: Scalable, high-bandwidth that intelligently adjusts to real-time data and application needs.

Our adaptive network delivers the core data services that businesses need with a set of hybrid networking solutions that are built on our worldwide fiber network. The Lumen adaptive network can account for real-time usage fluctuations and long-term, scalable growth so that the data needs of the application or specific business cases can be dynamically controlled from the application all the way down to the network.

  • Edge & IT Agility: High-performing, low-latency platform for delivering an exceptional application experience.

By using Lumen edge computing solutions to move data and applications closer to their users, businesses can take advantage of the emerging technologies that will redefine their business models and customer experiences. Designed to deliver 5ms or better latency with 100+ nodes, organizations can use the Lumen Platform to deploy next-generation technologies and applications on the edge. Additionally, with Dynamic Connections to over 2,200 public and private data centers around the world, the Lumen Platform offers an extraordinary ability to maximize application performance and flexibility.

  • Connected Security: Intelligent and proactive protection built-in to your data and applications platform.

Our Rapid Threat Defense is embedded into Lumen network services, proactively detecting and blocking malicious traffic. Lumen security solutions are designed to empower businesses to tailor their own security policies based on individual risk assessments. With this peace-of-mind, organizations can easily leverage the Lumen Platform for next-generation technologies knowing their data and applications are secure.

  • Collaboration: Simple solutions designed to boost interactivity and engagement via applications.

The Lumen Platform enables modern communications and collaborations solutions designed to drive greater productivity, interactivity, and engagement. As global connectivity becomes common, the traditional workplace has increasingly become flexible. Lumen communications and collaborations solutions offer businesses the flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing workplace demands of an increasingly digital workforce, while greatly improving the functional capabilities of their applications regardless of the device.



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Available in these Netrality locations

1102 Grand Boulevard Kansas City

Kansas City – 1102 Grand
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1301 Fannin Street Houston

Houston – 1301 Fannin
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900 Walnut Street St. Louis

St. Louis – 900 Walnut
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210 North Tucker Boulevard St. Louis

St. Louis – 210 North Tucker
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401 North Broad Street Philadelphia

Philadelphia – 401 North Broad
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Kansas City Metro – KC2 | 7801 Nieman
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Indianapolis – Indy Telcom Center
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Monroe, Louisiana


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