Hurricane Electric, AS6939, is the most connected internet network operator in the world with over 8,500 global networks directly connected. The network represents nearly 40% of IPv6 and is the most connected IPv4 network according to TeleGeography.

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Global Internet Backbone


Hurricane Electric provides high-speed Internet and cloud networking solutions at 250+ global data centers in nearly 50 countries.

Our Solutions:

IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Access:
+ Standard speeds from 100Mbps up to Nx100Gbps
+ Burstable service available
+ Dedicated port using fiber cross-connect or IP Transit over IX

Layer 2 Transport:
+ Carrier Ethernet Point-to-Point between 250+ global cloud data centers
+ Ethernet over MPLS
+ Supports 802.1q (QinQ) and jumbo frames
+ EPL and VPLS

DDoS Protection:
+ BGP Flowspec to filter source IP or source protocol
+ One BGP Flowspec session with the same ASN is included
+ Same price for 1Gbps up to 100Gbps

Solutions deployed in Netrality locations



Fremont, California


Additional Resources

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