Houston Internet Exchange (HOUIX) is a free and open Internet Exchange located in Netrality 1301 Fannin. By connecting to HOUIX a network may take advantage of our zero dollar port fees to engage in the exchange of local internet traffic.

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Founded in December of 2019, HOUIX has been created to provide an affordable point of interconnect in Houston, TX. Using our experience we have gained operating an IX in Kansas City we have built HOUIX. HOUIX provides physical Ethernet switched infrastructure to ISPs and Internet related business companies to exchange IP traffic.

Our Solutions:

  • Local Houston BGP Peering:
    By connecting to HOUIX’s peering fabric in 1301 Fannin a network may take advantage of local BGP peering with other networks also connected to HOUIX.
  • Remote Kansas City and St. Louis BGP Peering:
    HOUIX is directly connected to KCIX.net and STLIX.net and remote peering with our other Internet Exchanges is available for a small fee.
  • BGP Route Server:
    Our BGP route servers make it easy to participate. The route servers hold all the paths learned from route server peers and will redistribute those paths to you over a single BGP session.
  • Bi-Lateral BGP Peering:
    Our IX’s are not restrictive. If your network needs to peer bilaterally over our peering fabric then it may do so. Establish BGP sessions directly with the other networks you need.
  • Private VLANs:
    HOUIX offers private VLANs for an additional cost. Please contact us if you have any questions about private VLANs.

Solutions deployed in Netrality locations


Available in these Netrality locations

1301 Fannin Street Houston

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1102 Grand Boulevard Kansas City

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210 North Tucker Boulevard St. Louis

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900 Walnut Street St. Louis

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North Kansas City, Missouri



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