FD-IX operates neutral peering and interconnection fabrics. We are a progressive Internet Exchange (IX) providing BGP peering fabrics and package solutions for interconnection services.

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FD-IX / MidWest-IX is changing the way the internet works. FD-IX / MidWest-IX’s peering fabric enables improved performance and reliability, cost savings, and the ability to easily scale. We are passionate about helping other network operators use peering technology and solutions geared towards cloud connectivity to increase overall cost-effectiveness.


Our Solutions: 

  • BGP Peering
  • Interconnection services
  • Inter-market peering
  • Remote Peering
  • Cloud Connectivity: Solutions regarding peering and interconnection between data centers, markets, and locations. We operate peering fabrics to facilitate neutral peering. We provide solutions geared toward cloud connectivity, Internet Service providers. If you have an ASN you are well on your way toward peering.
  • Closed Peer Groups: Closed peer groups allow 3 or more customers to exchange peering information on a private peering fabric. this is useful for industry-specific sectors such as healthcare. Many times these business sectors require extra levels of accounting and security.
  • Private VLANs: A private VLAN allows two networks to exchange traffic over a private virtual interface. This is useful for exchanging transit traffic over Fiber Data Exchange / Midwest Internet Exchange, enabling QOS for a dedicated link, or exchanging traffic privately. Private VLANs are between two customers on the exchange and are not on the public fabric. On private VLANs we allow you to run protocols, such as MPLS, which are not allowed on the public fabric. If you need more than two peers we offer a closed peer group.
  • Private Peering: Private peering is available over a dedicated Private Vlan. This allows a direct peering between two hosts on a dedicated VLAN. Participants can agree on policies and ways of interconnection.



Available in these Netrality locations

1301 Fannin Street Houston

Houston – 1301 Fannin
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210 North Tucker Boulevard St. Louis

St. Louis – 210 North Tucker
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717 South Wells Street Chicago

Chicago – 717 South Wells
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900 Walnut Street St. Louis

St. Louis – 900 Walnut
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Noblesville, Indiana



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