Console Connect is an easy-to-use platform for the Software Defined Interconnection® of businesses, applications and infrastructures. It allows users to self-provision private, high-performance connections among a global ecosystem of enterprises, networks, clouds, SaaS providers, IoT providers and applications providers.

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Network and Cloud Solutions 


Console Connect is the only digital platform that is underpinned by one of the world’s largest private networks and a Tier 1 global IP network that is ranked in the top 10 for IPv4 and IPv6 peering, delivering higher levels of network performance, speed, and security to meet the digital needs of today’s interconnected users and communities.


Our Automated Services can connect you to:

  • Clouds: Enhance your cloud connectivity with direct connections to all of the world’s leading cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and more.
  • Data Centers: On-demand Layer 2 connections to more than 750 data Centers in over 50 countries.
  • Business partners: Interconnect seamlessly with other business partners and service providers on the Console Connect platform.
  • Internet On-Demand: Access our industry-leading IP Transit service whenever needed.
  • Internet Exchanges: Experience high-performance peering with some of the world’s leading Internet Exchanges.
  • Internet of Things: Global IoT connectivity from edge to cloud, all managed and orchestrated by the Console Connect platform.


In addition, Console Connect offers a wide range of security, voice, mobility, SD-WAN, colocation and managed network solutions that complement its Automated Services.



Available in these Netrality locations

1102 Grand Boulevard Kansas City

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1301 Fannin Street Houston

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401 North Broad Street Philadelphia

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210 North Tucker Boulevard St. Louis

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900 Walnut Street St. Louis

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Herndon, Virginia


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