CMIT Solutions is the largest provider of IT services to small and mid-sized companies. With 270 offices across the country, we specialize in managed IT, network, and cybersecurity services.

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Managed IT, Network  and Cyber-Security Solutions


CMIT Solutions provides managed IT, Network and Cyber-Security solutions for businesses that depend on secure and reliable technology to thrive.

We specialize in serving small to mid-sized businesses in our community. We excel when supporting companies with multiple geographic offices because we have 270 offices across the USA.

If you have geographically distributed teams or a headquarters operation with regional offices, we can manage your technology and give all personnel, in all locations the outstanding level of responsive, personalized support they deserve.


Our Solutions:

  • Secure storage of client backup data or live production data: CMITs team of national and local IT strategy and support services enable our clients to focus on managing their business rather than their IT.
  • Services range from maintaining servers and desktops, cloud storage, backup services, and cybersecurity services.


With an outstanding team of engineers right here in Cherry Hill and across the country, our service is customized to the specific needs of each client.


Managed IT Services


Storage and Security

Available in these Netrality locations

401 North Broad Street Philadelphia

Philadelphia – 401 North Broad
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Cherry Hill, New Jersey


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