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NYIIX Philadelphia Fabric Enables Direct Peering at 401 North Broad

NYIIX Philadelphia fabric enables direct peering at Netrality's 401 North Broad data center, granting access to over 200 networks.

With the NYIIX Philadelphia fabric enabled at Netrality’s 401 North Broad you can directly connect with key networks, including Hop One Networks, Akamai, Hurricane Electric, NJEDge and Rutgers University, via one cross connect. Additionally, NYIIX Philadelphia is connected to NYIIX New York, granting access to over 200 networks including, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix, as well as many eGaming companies. Colleges and Universities also peer with NYIIX to enhance network performance and significantly improve connectivity to GSuite, Azure, AWS, and Apple.

Operated by Telehouse America, NYIIX provides a neutral and scalable peering infrastructure assuring reliability and stable internet connectivity. NYIIX Philadelphia was deployed in April 2019 to bridge the gap between New York City and Virginia. Current peak traffic is 750Gbps+, making NYIIX the largest Internet Exchange Point in the region.

Interested in reaching NYIIX Los Angeles? PacketFabric can provide SDN services to any of the NYIIX exchanges, via cross connect and VLAN, as well as to Netrality’s 1301 Fannin in Houston and 717 South Wells in Chicago.

Netrality’s data centers host to a robust ecosystem of service and cloud providers, content delivery networks, and managed service providers and deliver the ultra-low latency, high performance, network reliability and redundancy required by the most innovative companies. Contact us to learn more about the Netrality ecosystem.

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