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Meet Netrality Properties at upcoming conferences & events this fall

Learn more about the conferences and events that Netrality has attended. Visit our website to RSVP to even more upcoming events or schedule a meeting with us.

Netrality Properties is attending the following conferences and events this fall. Whether you are attending or in the area, we would like to meet with you. Below you will find a list of the upcoming meeting opportunities and locations.

  • IBC 2016: September 8-12th, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Capacity North America 2016: October 5-6th, Toronto, Canada
  • FIA Expo 2016: October 18-20th, Chicago, IL
  • INCOMPAS Fall: October 23-25th, Dallas, TX
  • Tech Impact Awards Luncheon: November 4th, Philadelphia, PA
  • Capacity Europe 2016: November 7-9th, Paris, France
  • NAB Show New York: November 9-11th, New York City, NY

For our full list of events this fall, click here. To schedule a meeting with a representative from Netrality Properties click here.

Netrality Properties owns and operates network-neutral carrier hotels and meet me rooms providing a mix of powered shell, retail and wholesale data center solutions driven by fiber-dense, network-rich interconnection environments. Netrality Properties offers premier neutral interconnection services with no monthly recurring charges (MRCs) for cross connections.

Netrality properties today has seven strategic network interconnection properties: 210 North Tucker and 900 Walnut in St. Louis, 325 Hudson in New York City (owned in joint venture with Jamestown), 1102 Grand in Kansas City, 717 South Wells in Chicago, 1301 Fannin in Houston and 401 North Broad in Philadelphia.

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