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Join the Netrality Team at PTC ’19

Meet the Netrality team at PTC '19 - Jan 20-23 in Honolulu, HI


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The 2019 Pacific Telecommunications Council annual conference is fast approaching, and the Netrality team is looking forward to hearing from industry experts about everything from Pipelines to Platforms in Honolulu this month. This event is a great way to kick off a new year and catch up with all of our customers and partners. Here’s what we’re most looking forward to.

Can’t Miss Speakers and Sessions

AI, IoT, and 5G for Innovative Industry Development and the Future of the Digital Society: An expert panel of Robert Pepper, head of Global Connectivity Policy and Planning at Facebook, Jun Murai, professor of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University and Yoshiaki Takeuchi, director-general for Cybersecurity at the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, will discuss how emerging technologies like AI, IoT and 5G will enable a digital society and impact industries from healthcare to smart cities. 2019 is sure to be an exciting year for these technologies, so start it off by hearing from the very best on Monday at 2:25 pm HST.

Liquid Networks and Edgy Data Centers: Sure to be a highlight of the conference, Don MacNeil, CEO of FiberLight, is a panelist for the Liquid Networks and Edgy Data Centers session, sharing his expertise about the edge ecosystem and his experience delivering content to the edge. Make sure to stop by this session on Tuesday at 2:50 pm HST for all the latest in edge computing.

5G Business Implications: With 5G arriving in cities across the country this year, excitement around the technology is reaching new heights. We’re looking forward to this session, featuring Gary Kim, consultant for IP Carrier, Andrew Edison vice-president of Wholesale at Colt Technology Services Co., Ltd., J. Armand Musey, president of Summit Ridge Group, LLC and Brian Lavallée, senior director of Portfolio Solutions at Ciena about the impact 5G could have on businesses in the coming year. Find out how to prepare for 5G this year by attending this session on Tuesday at 8:30 am HST.

Meet With Netrality at PTC 2019

The best part of PTC is connecting with customers and partners and fostering new connections across the industry. Make sure to schedule a meeting with the Netrality team and join us in kicking off another great year.



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