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Why Video Needs the Edge

In order to fully leverage video as a channel, enterprises need to awaken to the opportunities that data centers at the edge provide.

It’s no secret that video is growing in popularity across industries. Its success in the marketing industry, the entertainment space, and as a communication channel has heightened its importance in our day-to-day lives. According to a recent study, 80% of global online traffic will be attributed to video by 2020. Needless to say, video isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  

In a recent Data Center Frontier article, Kayla Matthews makes the point that video is now driving decisions like never before. Data derived from video can be exceptionally valuable to a business, but to leverage the channel enterprises now need to provide the lowest latency and highest consistency in order to satisfy customers with high performance expectations. Some enterprises even need to accommodate real-time footage – think surveillance videos, or streaming television – making it especially important to ramp up processing speeds.

When it comes to video, latency is no longer acceptable and quickly causes customers to lose interest. To provide the fastest possible processing speeds enterprises need to move towards a strategy that leverages data center offerings. As Matthews explains, an increase in video demand correlates with a greater need for data centers. By giving enterprises direct access to cloud services and providing sufficient storage resources, data centers play a huge role in the expansion of video.

What’s even more important is that data-intensive companies look to data centers that are located in physical proximity to wherever videos are actually being viewed. Moving computing closer to the user delivers ultra-low latency, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. For example, a video streaming service would be able to provide customers with the fastest processing speeds, minimizing delays and inconsistent connections.

In order to fully leverage video as a channel, enterprises need to awaken to the opportunities that data centers at the edge provide. Keeping processing close to the edge gives customers the most consistent connection with the fastest speeds.

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