Data center solutions for
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Glitch-free Gaming for an Ever-expanding User Base

Cloud gaming companies can’t afford latency. Just a few additional milliseconds of lag make individual gamers twice as likely to abandon a game.

We chose Netrality’s facility at 401 North Broad in Philadelphia to open the world’s first esports industry campus. Our dedicated training centers need unparalleled connectivity and near-zero latency for competitive gamers, so Netrality was the optimal choice.

John Fazio, Founder and CEO of Nerd Street Gamers

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Expand Your Footprint

Gaming and Esports companies need as many points of presence as possible to provide adequate speed and bandwidth to a growing and geographically dispersed player base. Netrality is an optimal choice for data center expansion for the gaming industry due to our strategic locations, proximity to users and global reach.

Future-proof Your Business

Netrality’s data centers are located close to users in densely populated urban centers. Peering with local carrier exchanges optimizes traffic routing so you can reach your users as fast as possible in the most cost-efficient way. Performance and scalability are guaranteed so you can grow as your needs evolve and accommodate latency demands and usage spikes.

Build the Games
of the Future

As the owner and operator of all our buildings, Netrality can provide both premium data center space and unique office space that can enable a 5G test-bed environment for the whole development lifecycle. An innovation center in a Netrality building closely simulates a production environment due to the 5G interconnection already established in our buildings.

A New Era for Esports in the Heart of Philadelphia

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