Safety First:
Good Catch/Near Miss Reporting

Netrality prides itself on being a provider of a safe workspace for all who enter our facilities. Safety starts and ends with the actions of every individual and how they conduct themselves throughout the workday. Netrality encourages every employee to be proactive in identifying any unsafe conditions or events and documenting those circumstances. Recognizing and sharing concerns will provide awareness and the opportunity to implement corrective actions.

Please utilize this form to document the event or circumstance where you were involved with a Near Miss and prevented an incident from occurring, or had a Good Catch preventing a future incident. The definitions are as follows:

Near miss describes incidents where no property was damaged and no personal injury sustained, but where, given a slight shift in time or position, damage and/or injury easily could have occurred. For example, an employee uses a stool to substitute as a ladder and loses balance, nearly falling.

Recognition of an event, circumstance, or procedure which had potential to cause an incident, but which did not occur, due to a corrective action and/or a timely intervention. This can also be called an unsafe condition.  For example, a good catch occurs when an employee inspects a piece of electrical equipment prior to use and notices damage to the cord, which prompts immediately tagging the equipment as out of service.

Each submission will be investigated and reviewed for accuracy. Team members who submit verified reports are eligible to win a $50 gift card for their commitment to workplace safety.