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September 22

DICE Midwest Digital Summit

map icon Chicago
Netrality Looks Forward to Attending the 2022 DICE Midwest Digital Summit in Chicago this September!

What You’ll Learn

  • What is the cost of entry in the midwest market? What new investment potential is there?
  • Expansions have grown to follow transit: How has data center been infrastructure adopted to support more capacity?
  • Cloud Central, what do cloud end users want as the digital surge continues?
  • Cooling strategy when ambient cooling isn’t enough. What solutions do operators have to overcome the power limitations in the region?
  • What governmental changes are ahead for Chicago as colocation continues to build in the dense city?

How You’ll Do More Business:

Dive into leasing trends driving interest in the Chicago market, how deployment is still at a high level despite high barriers of entry and how providers are planning long-terms investment intentions for the midwest with high-density in mind.

Who You’ll Meet:

Owners, providers, brokers, contractors, director of operations, director of operations, CIOs, investors, engineers, lawyers, CEOs, vice president of design and construction

What You Get:

Access to all live content, panel replays on-demand, and live networking that is dynamic and actually useful. Networking tools include direct messaging, lobby chat, and speed networking which have led to over 8,000 matches this year.

Interested in meeting with the Netrality at the DICE Midwest Digital Summit in September? Click the links below to learn more and to secure a meeting with Netrality!

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