Edge solutions for
hyperscale providers

Network-rich, Hyperscale-ready Data Center Facilities

The Rise of Hyperscale Data Centers

Embracing the Hyperscale Age

Hyperscale data centers–data centers capable of accommodating massive resource delivery and agility for cloud giants and global software players–represent one of the hottest trends in cloud computing. And as technologies relying heavily on a constant flow of data to the cloud gain in maturity, technologies such as edge computing, IoT, driverless cars and AI, the need for these data centers will only increase. In fact, the Cisco Global Cloud Index forecasts that traffic within these data centers will quadruple, and hyperscale data centers will account for 55% of all data center traffic by 2021.

The Critical Need for Hyperscale Interconnection

Reaching End Users with Near-Zero Latency

As the volume of connected users with their demand for speed, analytics, and always-on access skyrockets, hyperscale organizations must augment their data center strategy with “edge nodes.” That’s the only way to get closer to end users and provide them the service they expect. Hyperscalers accomplish this by leveraging Interconnected data centers to serve as regional Points of Presence optimized for connectivity. Through these interconnected PoPs, Hyperscalers get direct access to a wide array of long-haul and metro carriers and direct cloud on-ramps, dramatically extending their reach and performance. By enhancing their global footprint, Interconnected data centers have become a strategic element in the IT delivery infrastructure of hyperscale organizations.

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