Blog > T-Mobile Wireline Solutions Deploys at Netrality's 1102 Grand and 401 North Broad

T-Mobile Wireline Solutions Deploys at Netrality’s 1102 Grand and 401 North Broad

T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions is deployed within Netrality's data center ecosystem in Philadelphia & Kansas City.

Netrality Data Centers is pleased to announce T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions, a leader in network connectivity, is now deployed within the Netrality Data Center ecosystem. T-Mobile connectivity will be available via pre-provisioned cross-connects inside of 1102 Grand in Kansas City, the most network-rich, core interconnection environment in the Central Midwest. T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions will also be accessible inside of 401 North Broad in Philadelphia the renowned international gateway and major junction for the north-south and east-west domestic fiber routes.

Operating the former Sprint global network, T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions is a telecom provider dedicated to delivering reliable Wave Service, Dedicated Internet Access, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, Cloud Networking, and Managed Services to wholesale wireless providers, cloud service providers, and enterprises that run high-performance-based platforms.

T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions’ congestion avoidance network design delivers industry-leading network performance and drives best-in-class latency, ultra-resiliency, jitter, and packet delivery rates. Its global Tier 1 high-performance IP network serves as the converged multi-path backbone providing network solutions in 195 countries.

1102 Grand and 401 North Broad are ideal edge data centers for T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions. With over 185 network operators as its connectivity partners, both robust, network-neutral ecosystems feature direct on-ramps to service providers, content delivery networks, and the ability to peer with 13 internet exchange points (IX’s). By establishing a presence at 1102 Grand and 401 North Broad, T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions joins Netrality’s interconnected ecosystem of network and service providers. The growing ecosystems provide T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions customers with multiple connection paths to accommodate unique workloads.

“We are pleased to have another PoP in our own backyard to serve our customers’ diversity needs” says Mike Fitz, VP of Global Wireline Solutions at T-Mobile Wireline Solutions. “Both Netrality and T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions are committed to expanding top tier services to Enterprise and Wholesale wireless providers. Our expansion into 1102 Grand in Kansas City and 401 North Broad in Philadelphia opens a door to the most network-rich environment in the Midwest and Northeast corridor. T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions has chosen Netrality’s 1102 Grand and 401 North Broad locations as part of our strategy to expand our footprint and offer exceptional networking services to our customers.”

Netrality’s VP of Interconnection and Network Solutions, Jonathan Martone adds, “Our data center consumers leverage multiple networks to mitigate single points of failure within our data center portfolio. Having T-Mobile Global Wireline Solutions as a technical option to consume via pre-provisioned cross-connects ensures Netrality data centers clients can consume T-Mobile Global Wireline services directly, increasing performance, and reducing latency.”

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