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Optimize Your Hybrid IT Environment with AWS Direct Connect

Establish private, low-latency connectivity between your infrastructure & Amazon Web Services with AWS Direct Connect at Netrality, an AWS data center.

With AWS Direct Connect, hybrid cloud configurations are as simple as a single cross connect. Establish private, low-latency connectivity between your infrastructure and Amazon Web Services, ensuring optimal performance, increased security and reliability.

AWS Direct Connect nodes are located within 1102 Grand in Kansas City and 401 North Broad* in Philadelphia. Ecosystem Partners at 1102 Grand and 401 North Broad can bypass the public internet, additional latency or backhauls to other data centers without concern. Connections to AWS Direct Connect can be quickly escalated, with speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gbps per connection, via single mode fiber cross connect.

Customers looking for availability zone diversity from their primary data center can also leverage these nodes in other markets, via the AWS partner network. Centurylink Cloud Connect, Megaport, PacketFabric, and Zayo CloudLink are just a few of our ecosystem providers that offer availability zone diversity from other locations, terminating within Netrality Data Centers.  These SDN fabrics can provide real-time provisioning of AWS cloud connectivity.

Netrality’s data centers are home to over 369 network points of presence across our national footprint.  Our data centers feature the highest density of network service providers, cable providers, core backbone routers, and cloud service providers in their respective markets. The Netrality ecosystem is continually evolving and expanding to meet the needs of our customers. To learn more about AWS Direct Connect capabilities within Netrality Data Centers, contact us.

*Requires connectivity to Philadelphia’s 4th floor MMR. 


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