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Welcome to the first installment of Netrality’s Data Center News Digest – a curated roundup of the most important news, events, and provoking thought leadership from the data center world. This Digest will be delivered to you via our blog and email twice every month. Enjoy!

AT&T embraces edge for 5G, launches test zone, new open source project

February 20, 2018

Monica Alleven, Fierce Wireless

Since edge computing is a key element to AT&T’s 5G strategy, the telco launched its first test zone for edge applications at its AT&T Foundry innovation center. This announcement represent the industry shift toward edge computing to better user experience. Moving data over 5G networks – AT&T’s ultimate goal – speeds up processing times, which is key as the connected world get increasingly flooded with IoT data.


Cisco: IoT data, hyperscale infrastructure new cloud trends

February 5, 2018

Christopher Tozzi, Data Center Knowledge

Cisco recently announced its latest Global Cloud Index, identifying trends that are set to shape the future of cloud computing through 2021. One key finding is that IoT data needs to start shifting towards hyperscale data centers to accommodate increasingly large amounts of data. The industry is already seeing this trend develop with data centers in the US turning toward a more scalable solution.


5G wireless technology influences telecom’s future
January 22, 2018

Tom Nolle, Tech Target

Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corporation, is an expert with over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications and network technology space. Follow him @CIMICorp ‏for industry updates and insight.

Tom Nolle explains why 5G support for IoT is going to be more of a pain than a panacea. It’s the next and greatest challenge for telecom, due to security concerns, the need for full network virtualization, and the difficulty of processing IoT events. An increase in IoT events requires a shorter feedback loop and minimal network latency. Converging elements of the cloud, in combination with edge computing, is how telecom will ultimately get to the next level and prepare for the arrival of 5G.


The near-term effects of the IoT/cloud/ML convergence
January 19, 2018

Cliff Federspiel, Data Center Dynamics

Cliff Federspiel, CTO of Vigilent – one of the leading cooling systems providers – offers a highly informative take on the critical role of edge data centers – data centers that must be located in urban areas for latency purposes, in his recent Data Center Dynamics article. Read on to learn how IoT, cloud and machine learning have converged to give rise to remote, automated and intelligent data center hubs, why and how data center and infrastructure monitoring are becoming more sophisticated and predictive, and so does maintenance.


Looking Beyond the Hype: The Practical Side of AI in the Data Center
January 17, 2018

Drew Robb, Data Center Knowledge

Drew Robb is a freelance writer and has covered the IT space for more than 20 years. He’s also the editor in chief for International Engineering Magazine. You can follow him @robbdrew.

This article dispels the notion that AI technology is ready to completely automate data centers, and offers some practical AI implementations to improve operations. These include automated conversation systems (smart customer service apps, or intelligent and automated help desks), machine learning (for easier monitoring of the various causes of storage traffic congestion), and AI-powered infrastructure (to deliver more robust data center infrastructure, by incorporating GPUs and other accelerator hardware). Drew foresees data centers beginning to distribute and store data at the edge – or closer to the edge – to accommodate the need for immediate processing. Data centers that are located in the center of cities have an advantage – close proximity to the source of the data more easily facilitates interconnected edge computing.


Apple will boost its spending on data centers by $10 billion over the next 5 years
January 17, 2018

Jordan Novet

Apple announced it will increase spending on data centers over the next five years. The company’s announcement represents the growth of Apple’s web services, which have begun to surpass products like the iPhone in revenue growth, and an opportunity to become less dependent on public cloud providers. Moving away from public cloud providers and investing in data centers – whether it be owning a data center, or partnering with an interconnected colocation provider – is increasingly being seen as a core growth approach for hybrid infrastructure delivery for latency-sensitive and data driven companies.

Jordan Novet is a technology reporter for and specializes in cloud computing, enterprise software companies and artificial intelligence. Follow Jordan for the latest in tech news and trends @jordannovet.


Be aware of these 5 data center trends in 2018

January 17, 2018

Bill Kleyman, Data Center Knowledge

In this article the author outlines five trends to watch out for in 2018. One key takeaway is that reliance on data centers will continue to grow as a result of trends in edge and hybrid cloud. Increasingly, organizations are finding that public cloud services are not enough and a more decentralized approach – one that places data closer to its source – will better accommodate the increased volume of data for today’s digital businesses.

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