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Netrality U – Training Workshop

Did you miss our training workshop, Netrality U? Visit our website to RSVP to more upcoming events or schedule a meeting with Netrality.

Everyone who builds a technology company knows that the people are the most important asset. Our team works tirelessly towards the common goal to make a difference in the industry and improve interconnection by offering a differentiated model and creating operating efficiencies for our customers. While that sounds like all work and no play, last week the Netrality Properties team met in Kansas City to see the 2015 World Series Champions, the Kansas City Royals battle the Boston Red Sox.

The following day we met at 1102 Grand, Netrality’s Kansas City interconnected colocation facility for a training workshop termed “Netrality U”. Our operations team began an in-depth IX Training and the non-operations group met for a presentation by Hunter Newby, Chief Strategy Advisor for Netrality Properties, on industry trends. Greg Elliott, Business Development Manager, provided an 1102 Grand overview and facility tour and Mary Ann Fahey, Director of Channel Development, discussed the newly formed Channel Program.

Putting in the time to train our employees will improve the productivity of the overall company; we pride our selves on providing additional knowledge and skill training. For more information about our Kansas City interconnected data center, click here.

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