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Netrality’s 325 Hudson Hosts Over 11,500 Fibers Across 12 NYC Telecommunications Franchisee Holders

Netrality's 325 Hudson hosts over 11,500 fibers across 12 NYC telecommunications franchise holders. Visit the Netrality blog today to learn more.

Netrality’s New York City facility has reached a total fiber count to-date of 11,592 strands of outside plant fiber entering 325 Hudson from 12 independent metro fiber providers. The NYC Telecommunications Franchisee holders within 325 Hudson include, but are not limited to, the following: Axiom, Cleareon, OCG Fiber, RCN Business, Stealth Communications, United Fiber & Data, XO Communications and ZenFi Networks.

The outside plant fiber enters 325 Hudson through 16, 4″ building-controlled conduits from four diverse NYC telecommunications manholes with a direct path to the 325 Hudson Meet Me Room (MMR).

“As the building owner and MMR operator, we built the conduit infrastructure straight to the manhole to make it easier to pull high-fiber count cables directly into 325 Hudson,” says Hunter Newby, partner in 325 Hudson venture. “NYC is a highly competitive market and what we have created at 325 Hudson meets the market demand for dense metro fiber availability and the right fee structure.

“At Cleareon, media and content are key markets for our dark fiber and lit services so we naturally felt compelled to establish a POP at 325 Hudson,” says Cliff Kane, Co-CEO at Cleareon Fiber Networks. “We also believe Netrality’s progressive business model as an MMR operator is setting a new standard for the industry.”

“325 Hudson was Axiom Fiber’s first POP, we recognized early on the growing significance of the location as well as its positive impact on neutral interconnectivity and access, “ says Felipe J. Alvarez, CEO at Axiom Fiber Networks. “Netrality also made it very easy and painless to place our fiber into their location – a pleasure to work with.”

Due to demand, a dense dark fiber count availability and vast majority of NYC metro fiber providers, 325 Hudson completed a 10,000 sq. ft. expansion of customizable space on the 8th floor with direct access to the MMR on the 9th floor. Netrality connected the 8th and 9th floors with pre-built ladder rack and inner duct pathways, which facilitate rapid network operator direct access to the MMR at no additional cost. Additionally, Netrality Properties has an established standard of not charging a monthly recurring fee for cross connections inside the MMR.

For more information on 325 Hudson, please click here.

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