Blog > Netrality’s 10,000 sq. ft. Network-Neutral Meet Me Room in Houston Carrier Hotel is Ready for Service

Netrality’s 10,000 sq. ft. Network-Neutral Meet Me Room in Houston Carrier Hotel is Ready for Service

Netrality's network neutral colocation facility at 1301 Fannin is now ready for service. Visit the Netrality blog today to learn more about the development of our 10,000 sq. ft. Houston carrier hotel.

Netrality Properties newly developed meet me room (MMR) at our Houston interconnected data center at 1301 Fannin is open and expected to draw additional network operators to the building, affording new and existing customers reliable and cost effective interconnection opportunities.

“We are ready to service an entire range of network operators including carriers, CDN’s, enterprise, government, research, education, mobile networks and content providers and look forward to expanding our ecosystem within the MMR at 1301 Fannin,” states Chip Robertson, Director of Business Development at 1301 Fannin.

The MMR features a state-of-the-art facility, which enables superior interconnection and colocation. Infrastructure includes, but not limited to:

  • Three diverse points of entry’s
  • Building structure and windows rated to 200 mph
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center
  • 5,000 tons of cooling tower capacity, backed up by generators in a N+1 redundant configuration
  • 3,600 tons of chilled water capacity, backed up by generators in a N+1 redundant configuration
  • Data room CRAHs with cold aisle containment in a N+1 redundant configuration
  • Diverse utility feeds with 26 MW of utility power
  • 10 MW of backup generator power in a N+1 redundant configuration with 65,000 gallons of fuel supply
  • 1.5 MW UPS system in a N+1 redundant configuration

In addition, the MMR has a two-factor access authentication system, a newly designed critical facility monitoring system, overhead ladder racks, secure onsite parking, fitness center and a nearby tech lounge.

Existing network operators include: Cogent and TeliaSonera and were amongst the initial MMR customers at 1301 Fannin.

Netrality Properties acquired the 1301 Fannin colocation facility in February 2015; the 25-story, 1,100,000 sq. ft. property is the most fiber-dense, network-neutral building owned and managed facility in the Houston region. The building serves as the major hub for data and Internet traffic and provides long-term stability, premier network-neutral interconnection and colocation services to its customers.

For more information about our 1301 Fannin data center, click here or contact Chip Robertson at

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