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Netrality Now Offers SDN-Enabled Global IP Transit

NetConnect, Netrality’s new IP transit service, empowers enterprises with fast, easy, dependable and cost-efficient connectivity to anywhere in the world.

Network Reach, Performance and Resiliency: SDN-Enabled Global IP Transit


Netrality is now offering NetConnect, an IP transit service, available at all Netrality locations

NetConnect makes IP transit simple and accessible. The solution is powered by a global Layer 3 IP network with industry-leading multi-homed providers, including Lumen, GTT, Cogent, NTT, Zayo, PCCW and Singtel. NetConnect features AI-enabled DDoS attack detection and leverages a robust blend of best-in-class networks as upstream providers to mitigate single points of failure.

NetConnect empowers enterprises with fast, dependable, and cost-efficient global connectivity. The SDN-enabled service provides quick IP turn-up for out-of-band management or rapid activation of new services in data center environments. Customers can meet evolving demands with a scalable, simplified ordering process for space, power, and connectivity requirements.


NetConnect empowers enterprises with fast, dependable and cost-efficient global connectivity:

    • Network Reach

NetConnect maintains interconnections with network providers at key peering points in over 150 countries, enabling customers to directly connect to over 4,600 networks. This ensures far greater routing table diversity and a much higher likelihood that destination networks are just one hop away.

    • Direct Peering to SaaS Providers 

Peering within Netrality data centers eliminates the need to backhaul to other peering exchanges and enhances performance across an IP global backbone. Customers can also connect directly to over 4,000 SaaS and content providers, including Microsoft 365, Google, Amazon, and Zoom, ensuring the fastest, lowest latency access to business-critical applications and services.

    • Performance and Resiliency

NetConnect delivers transport via diverse routes across multiple network carriers and cloud on-ramps in different cities and data centers to provide an unmatched level of reliability in the market. Peering locations around the world bypass traditional Tier 1 providers wherever possible, resulting in shorter paths, lower latency, and better throughput. Points of presence (PoPs) are fully redundant, ensuring connectivity in the case of a backbone-level outage. 


One Provider, Endless Possibilities

With NetConnect, customers seeking space, power, bandwidth, and IP transit connectivity can now seamlessly enhance their colocation footprint with a single provider. 

To learn how your enterprise can connect to critical applications and services anywhere in the world with the fastest speeds and most reliable connectivity, contact us or explore more here