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Netrality News Roundup: 9/09/2020

Netrality's industry news roundup for early September 2020, chronicling the latest news, developments and innovations in the colocation data center space.

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We’ve selected key articles on the latest news, developments, innovations and revelations in the colocation data center industry.

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Open 5G Push Seen Attracting Hyperscalers 

August 19, 2020

George Leopold, Enterprise AI 

 A coalition of western companies seeking to catch up with networking equipment leader Huawei Technologies are touting the virtues of virtualization. Advocates of a so-called “Huawei alternative” called Open Radio Access Network believe software-defined 5G radio access networks and perhaps even core infrastructure and transport have “tremendous potential” to hasten a 5G rollout while reducing development costs and seeding a western 5G ecosystem.

5G has already been deployed in trial rollouts in a number of urban centers, such as Chicago, Kansas City and Houston. However, in order to fully roll out 5G on a scale and breadth comparable to 4G, a significant commitment of money and resources is required. The sizable costs associated with widespread adoption of 5G has been a significant barrier to a full, nationwide deployment in the U.S. Initiatives such as these are a step in the right direction.


5-Point Plan for Eliminating Human Error in Data Center Operations

August 26, 2020

Data Center Frontier

John Hevey, Vice President of Corporate Technical Service at BCS Data Center Operations, has put forth a 5-point plan to close gaps in process, training, and resources that lead to data center outages.

Unplanned downtime in data centers can occur for many reasons: systems failures, equipment malfunction, power outages, inclement weather, natural disasters or, oftentimes, human error. It is crucial to choose data centers and colocation service providers that proactively incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations to ensure dependable service and optimal performance.


How Hybrid Cloud and Colocation Can Enable Renewable IT Operations

August 20, 2020

Christopher Stozzi, Data Center Knowledge 

All the major tech companies have loudly proclaimed their commitment to “going green.” Microsoft promised earlier this year that it would achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Amazon made a similar promise last year, although it gave itself until 2040. Netflix and Facebook, like others of their size, maintain sustainability reports that track the environmental impact of their operations and describe their efforts to reduce it. Renewable energy investments by data center and cloud providers, especially more sustainable cooling methods, can go a long way. 

Conventional data center cooling methods simply won’t hold up under the processing demands of AI, 5G wireless, Internet of Things (IoT), and the rise of Smart Cities. New methods will be needed not only to ensure that data centers can keep up with data processing demands, but also to make data centers more sustainable.


Colocation Operators Expand Cloud Interconnects to Accommodate Hybrid Adoption

August 20, 2020

Christopher Tozzi, Data Center Knowledge 

 It appears that colocation vendors like Equinix and Digital Realty have concluded that if they can’t beat public cloud, they may as well join it. They are now offering networking solutions that will allow colocated infrastructure to become part of hybrid clouds. That’s a better outcome than one in which customers abandon colocation completely in favor of the public cloud due to network performance limitations within a hybrid model.

Cloud computing alone is becoming increasingly unrealistic when so many users are now working from home and cutting-edge technologies require near-instantaneous data processing and delivery. That being said, public cloud has an important place in any IT infrastructure, and will be complemented by the edge rather than replaced by it.


Layers and Location of Edge Computing

August 19, 2020

Rich Miller, Data Center Frontier

As edge computing takes shape, we are approaching the brink of a new phase for global Internet infrastructure. Edge computing is evolving in tiers, with opportunities in regional data hubs, cities, telecom towers and on devices. Think of it in terms of “edge, edgier and edgiest.”

Key trends include the densification of large cities, and enhancing connectivity and coverage in second-tier markets. Says one C-suite executive: “What we’re actually doing is building data centers at aggregation points. We look at locations based on population density, access to cell towers and cable head-ends.”

The ability to directly connect to core backbone routers and local carrier exchanges in major metropolitan areas is paramount to delivering the seamless service and unprecedented bandwidth users need. Diversifying availability zones by expanding into second-tier markets is not only forward-looking, but necessary as we transition to a digital-first society.

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