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Netrality News Roundup: 8/25/2020

Netrality's bi-weekly industry news roundup for late August 2020, chronicling the latest news, developments and innovations in the colocation data center space.

Welcome to the Netrality News Roundup!


We’ve selected key articles on the latest news, developments, innovations and revelations in the colocation data center industry.

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Switch Developing Security Robots to Patrol Edge Data Centers

August 10, 2020

Rich Miller, Data Center Frontier

“Technology infrastructure specialist Switch has developed Switch Sentry security robots to deploy at edge data centers and sell to enterprise customers….The wheeled Switch Sentry units are nearly six feet tall, and designed to provide security for mission-critical facilities. Switch says each Sentry is autonomous, with the ability to navigate on its own or be steered by a human.”

A shortage of skilled workers, combined with an acceleration of cloud automation and pandemic-era social distancing mandates will necessitate the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics in data center management. This allows data centers to optimize staff allocation and data center employees to move into facilities management roles, a critical need as data centers proliferate, growing larger and more complex.


Fortinet Presents World’s First Hyperscale Firewall

August 7, 2020

Nitisha Dubey, BIS Infotech

“Fortinet has recently presented world’s first hyperscale firewall, FortiGate 4400F, powered by Fortinet’s latest seventh generation network processor (NP7) to offer hardware-acceleration, making it the only network firewall that is fast enough to secure hyperscale data centers and 5G networks.”

This is welcome news. A single security appliance that can scale with the unpredictable demands of hyperscalers is much more preferable than orchestrating multiple firewalls together to achieve a hyperscale security solution. As hyperscalers increasingly supplement their footprint with interconnected points of presence that can optimize content delivery, ensuring security solutions that can scale with demand will be crucial.


How Industries are Transforming to get Digital Ready for Post-pandemic Recovery

August 12, 2020

Mark Bowen, Intelligent CIO 

 “With surging demand for interconnection bandwidth, it is undeniable that companies are pushing deeper into Digital Transformation. Enterprises across all industries are reassessing their operating environments and retooling their businesses to navigate volatile and uncertain times…This article outlines how some key industries are likely to be impacted, including healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.”

COVID-19 has drastically upended life as we know it, with the pandemic rapidly accelerating digital transformation in many aspects of our lives and economy. From healthcare to finance to education and supply chains, organizations must complete their digital transformation or risk failure. 


TierPoint Hooks up with Megaport Across Seven More Data Centers

August 5, 20200

Mike Robuck, Fierce Telecom 

“TierPoint announced that customers in seven of its data centers now have access to Megaport’s network-as-a-service (NaaS) offering, bringing its total to 15 data centers…TierPoint added access to Megaport’s software-defined interconnection services in Andover and Marlborough, Massachusetts, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, Hawthorne, New York, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Allen, Texas and Spokane, Washington.”

Connecting with Megaport provides countless benefits to organizations. Netrality is very happy that our customers can now utilize Megaport’s services at 1102 Grand in Kansas City, 401 North Broad in Philadelphia, 1301 Fannin in Houston. Once connected to the Megaport Network, Netrality customers can customize a private network to enable hybrid cloud and multi-cloud connectivity, including secure access to AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Salesforce.


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