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Netrality News Roundup: 5/04/2020

Netrality's bi-weekly industry news roundup for early May 2020, chronicling the latest news, developments and innovations in the colocation data center space.

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We’ve selected key articles on the latest news, developments, innovations, and revelations in the colocation data center industry.

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Employing Smart City Tools for Coronavirus Problems

April 23, 2020

Matthew Heusser, Tech Republic

“It turns out the same technology that can make a city smart can be used to respond to the novel coronavirus. One company that specializes in that area, Quantela, is stepping up to do just that.

The application, called CoVER, takes all the information from various data sources, including spreadsheet and by hand, then projects it onto a map. That is a visualization and dashboard of complex data sets, including prediction. Armed with the current spread, the application can predict where the virus will be in two, five, 10 days, and when the municipality will run out of hospital beds or test kits. That allows leaders to reallocate resources for where they will be needed in the future.”

Using IoT, machine learning, and smart technology to solve immediate challenges will further make “smart cities” the norm in the near future. Cities must become smarter for safety, health, and economic reasons. The smarter cities become, the more bandwidth they’ll need, and the closer to users they will have to connect.


A Cloudy Future: Data Center Demand and COVID-19

Rich Miller, Data Center Frontier

April 14, 2020

“A Senior Equity Analyst at Credit Suisse believes the net result of Covid-19 will be positive for the data center sector, which explains why shares of industry bellwethers Equinix and Digital Realty hit 52-week highs last week.

The most hard-hit sectors were not big customers in the first place, whereas the newer industries that represent a large cash flow stream for data centers are flexing even larger than they ever have before. This is creating a new high-tide environment for demand for the overall tech sector.”

Contactless and virtual connections are now required for everything from work and school to banking and socializing. Colocation data centers, connecting at the “edge” of the internet closest to users, are in a unique position to help communities by ensuring the ultra-low latency, high processing power and always-on connectivity required for our new digital normal.


Synergy Research Report Finds Data Center M&A Has Already Surpassed 2019

April 23, 2020

Ron Miller, Tech Crunch

“At a time where all of the news seems to point toward negative economic activity, Synergy Research released a report today that data center M&A activity made a strong showing this quarter, already surpassing 2019 levels.”

Significant growth in cloud services and an ever-growing demand for speed, capacity, and reliability is fueling a restructuring of the data center industry and a search for new sources of investment capital. As cloud alone can no longer handle the demands of cutting-edge tech like 5G, AI, IoT, machine learning and virtual reality, colocation data centers located closer to users are a necessity. 

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