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Netrality News Roundup: 4/07/2020

Netrality's bi-weekly industry news roundup for early April 2020, chronicling the latest news, developments and innovations in the colocation data center space.

Welcome to Netrality News Roundup!

We’ve selected key articles on the latest news, developments, innovations and revelations in the colocation data center industry.

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Securing IoT in a 5G World

March 27, 2020

Joseph Cortese, CPO Magazine 

“The increased demand for connectivity and 5G network-enabled IoT devices is causing device vendors to rush to be first to market. But this causes many vendors to sacrifice security testing for speed, allowing potential vulnerabilities to remain hidden in the backend of devices.”

As we’ve written about before, enterprise security in an IoT world can be a daunting task, and edge computing is going to reshape the way we understand and practice cybersecurity. As the need for edge computing in IoT environments grows, so will the need to connect to local, interconnected data centers.


How ISPs are using AI to address the coronavirus-driven surge in traffic

March 27, 2020

Kyle Wiggers, Venture Beat 

“Facebook, Disney, Microsoft, Sony, Netflix, and YouTube have agreed to temporarily reduce download speeds and video streaming quality in countries around the world. Nearly 90 out of the top 200 U.S. cities saw internet speeds decline in the past week, according to BroadbandNow. And Akamai found that global traffic on March 18 was running 67% higher than the typical daily average.”

As the volume of connected users with their demand for speed and always-on access skyrockets, hyperscale organizations must augment their data center strategy with edge nodes. That’s the only way to get closer to end users and provide them the service they expect.


A.I. Versus the Coronavirus

March 26, 2020

William J. Broad, The New York Times

“A new consortium of top scientists will be able to use some of the world’s most advanced supercomputers to look for solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges., an artificial intelligence company in Redwood City, CA, said the public-private consortium would spend $367 million in its initial five years, aiming its first awards at finding ways to slow the new coronavirus that is sweeping the globe.”

AI and deep learning have traditionally taken place in centralized computing environments. But the growing need for speed, bandwidth, and processing power as we learn to leverage AI to solve some of our most pressing issues will require a shift from centralized cloud architectures to the edge.


Google Cloud and AT&T May Merge their Telco Edges

Mar 16, 2020

Scott Fulton III, Data Center Knowledge

“Google Cloud recently announced a new collaboration with AT&T on ‘technologies and capabilities using AT&T network connectivity at the edge, including 5G’…the two companies [will] be jointly developing ‘use cases’ for applications yet to be developed that may one day utilize edge computing resources.”

The writing is on the wall. Industry leaders such as Google and AT&T are positioning themselves for a edge-dominated future. Prudent organizations should follow suit. 


In the ‘Year of 5G,’ Many Americans Still Struggle to Get Online

March 26, 2020

Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg 

“This spring, the U.S. government was planning to focus on its strategy for rolling out 5G and keeping Chinese companies such as Huawei from dominating the critical networking technology. But 5G is taking a back seat to a much more pressing problem: Tens of millions of Americans don’t have access to reliable internet connectivity, or can’t afford it, and will have trouble communicating, working, and attending classes online without it.”

Netrality has written extensively about the rural connectivity gap in America and its implications for the future. Being part of the ongoing effort to close the connectivity gap and bring the transformative power of broadband to all Americans is a source of pride for all of us at Netrality.

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