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Netrality News Roundup: 4/22/2020

Netrality's bi-weekly industry news roundup for late April 2020, chronicling the latest news, developments and innovations in the colocation data center space.

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We’ve selected key articles on the latest news, developments, innovations, and revelations in the colocation data center industry.

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Microsoft to Enable New 5G Edge Computing Scenarios with Azure Edge Zones

March 31, 2020

Mary Foley, ZDNet 

“Both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft see big potential in connecting edge devices using 5G wireless technology to the cloud. Last year, AWS took the wraps off its Wavelength platform for ultra-low latency apps for 5G devices. On March 31, Microsoft’s Azure team is doing something similar with its Azure Edge Zones. Azure Edge Zones is all about enabling emerging IoT, edge, and 5G scenarios via a managed Azure service. The core concept is to connect 5G applications that require low latency to cloud compute, networking, and storage with fewer interim hops.

5G will require direct connectivity to cloud on-ramps as close to devices as possible. In order to ensure the fastest speeds and fewest possible interim hops, connecting at colocation data centers will be a must for 5G success. 


Google Cloud Set To Announce GA Of Anthos On AWS

April 7, 2020

Donna Goodison, CRN

Google Cloud, which continues to boost the capabilities of its hybrid and multi-cloud Anthos platform, soon will announce the general availability of Anthos on AWS. Google Cloud also plans to disclose that Anthos on Microsoft Azure now is being tested with customers and Anthos support for virtual machines (VMs) is in early preview with customers. The latter will enable organizations to “bring policy and automation for both containerized and VM-based workloads — no matter where they are in their modernization journey — through Anthos.” 

Anthos gives enterprises the flexibility to deploy and run advanced applications wherever they need to, without development teams needing to have expertise in all the different cloud environments. This is a huge boon to hybrid cloud adoption and management. 


New CEO Krishna: IBM Doubling Down on Hybrid Cloud

April 9, 2020

Sean Kerner, ITPro Today 

“At his first day on the job as IBM’s new CEO, Arvind Krishna made it very clear that Big Blue is all in on the hybrid cloud. IBM already has a solid position in the middleware, mainframe, and IT services markets, which serve as three pillars for success, but he wants hybrid cloud to be the fourth.”

Hybrid cloud adoption was already exploding. Now the new digital reality of the COVID-19 pandemic makes 24/7 connectivity between an organization’s public and private cloud environment even more crucial. At a colocation data center, organizations can directly connect to an ecosystem of network and cloud providers, bypassing the public internet. These direct connections ensure the agility you need to seamlessly run different workloads on multiple clouds in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


Apple and Google Partner on COVID-19 Contact Tracing Technology

April 10, 2020

Fred Sainz

In a rare collaboration, Apple and Google are planning to develop a contact-tracing software technology that will be built into their iPhone and Android devices. The tech giants’ partnership will enable the use of bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies contain the spread of COVID-19, while user privacy and security are preserved.

There has never been a more important moment to work together to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems. Apple and Google’s joint effort is an exemplary show of thought leadership and how harnessing the power of technology can help slow the spread of the virus and accelerate the return of everyday life. 


Cox Communications Uses Virtual Assistance to Support Customers at Social Distance During Coronavirus Crisis

April 8, 2020


Cox is launching its “On-site with Virtual Assist” service which allows customers to set up an appointment time for a technician to troubleshoot outside of their home over video chat. Technicians can also utilize augmented reality features to guide customers through in-home setups and other common issues. While this service was always in the works, complications of the virus caused the company to fast track its availability to customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting social distancing are changing Internet usage and making it even more central to our lives. As people realize how convenient and cost-effective digital solutions can be, a new sense of digital normalcy is emerging. Now more than ever, companies must embrace digitalization in order to remain afloat and competitive.

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