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Netrality’s Data Center News Digest

Read our news digest to learn more about the growing demand for data centers and why you should develop a strategy that incorporates them.

This the latest edition of our news roundups. This week, we have three great articles highlighting the increasing demand for data centers. The amount of data being processed and distributed is growing rapidly, and more and more industry leaders are realizing that utilizing the cloud or private data centers for their data needs isn’t sustainable. Developing a strategy that incorporates public data centers in core networks as a part of the equation will allow companies to fluidly scale and adapt to the high influx of data. These three articles point to the reasons there is now a growing demand for data centers.

Cloud computing has caused a huge spike in the demand for data centers

March 23, 2018

Zoë Bernard, Business Insider

This article asserts that as cloud computing increases, the demand for data centers also increases. Research by Statista showed that the money invested in data centers in the US last year spiked to $20 billion. Companies of all sizes are facing challenges as the amount data being produced, distributed and processed grows. Turning to data centers gives companies the opportunity to manage data more effectively. Now is the time to think critically about how to adapt to this new reality and leverage the benefits of data centers – especially those positioned at the Edge.


Facebook rethinks in-region data center interconnection

March 21, 2018

Yevgeniy Sverdlik, Data Center Knowledge

To meet its growing computing demands, Facebook is expanding its data centers into more and more locations around the world – the social network company is even building multiple data centers per single location. Across the board, companies that are constantly producing and processing large amounts of data are struggling to scale, and the problem is only getting worse. Establishing many private data centers will quickly prove to be a limited solution. A more flexible answer – one that combines private and public data centers – can allow companies to scale to the growing amount of data flow more easily.


Investors pour money into data center properties

March 20, 2017

Esther Fung, The Wall Street Journal

There is a trend developing across the industry: companies that had previously built and operated their own data centers are now calling on third-party data center providers. To make this shift worth it, companies are searching for the most interconnected data centers to more efficiently process and manage their data. The traditional data center structure, where facilities could be located miles away, or even overseas, is no longer the most efficient. It is increasingly important that data center providers give tenants the opportunity to directly access the cloud as close to the core market as possible.

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