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National Network INDATEL Now Deployed at Netrality’s 1102 Grand in Kansas City

INDATEL, the largest rural-focused ethernet carrier and transport company in the United States, is now deployed at Netrality's 1102 Grand in Kansas City.

Expanding Broadband for Rural and Underserved Areas

Netrality Data Centers is pleased to announce their partnership with INDATEL, the largest rural-focused ethernet carrier and transport company in the United States. INDATEL is now deployed at 1102 Grand in Kansas City, the most network-rich, core interconnection environment in the Central Midwest.

Kansas-based INDATEL is a national telecom network dedicated to delivering reliable Ethernet, IP transit and peering to underserved rural areas at affordable prices. Through its Rural Ethernet Exchange (REX), the company provides connectivity across America in over 37 states. INDATEL is the largest rural-focused wholesale carrier in America, representing over 400,000 fiber optic route miles, 1,000,000+ serviceable buildings, 700+ RLECs (Rural Exchange Carriers) and 1,100+ nationwide points of presence (PoPs).

1102 Grand in Kansas City, Missouri, is an ideal PoP for INDATEL. Counting over 42 network operators as its connectivity partners, 1102 Grand offers direct on-ramps to service providers such as Cogent, Megaport and AWS – including an AWS Direct Connect to the Ohio region. 1102 Grand also connects to six internet exchange points (IXPs). By joining Netrality’s rich connectivity ecosystem, INTADEL can further enhance scalability and expand service offerings. A number of Netrality ecosystem partners are also partnered with INDATEL, including Bluebird, Kansas Fiber, MBO Networks and Aureon.

“It is exciting to have a PoP in our own backyard,” says Mel Wagner, CEO of INDATEL. “Both Netrality and INDATEL are committed to expanding broadband services to underserved rural areas. Our expansion into 1102 Grand in Kansas City opens a door to the most network-rich environment in the Central Midwest.”

The connectivity divide between urban and rural America leaves roughly one third of rural Americans without access to high-speed broadband, negatively affecting rural communities in many ways. INDATEL and Netrality are proactively working to change this. Many statewide networks connected with INDATEL are owned by rural telecommunications providers, allowing INDATEL to connect deep into hard-to-reach and underserved populations. Netrality has long sponsored and promoted rural high-speed connectivity initiatives, and other Netrality ecosystem partners such as Chariton Valley, Net Vision, Liberty Connect, and Sho-Me Technologies have undertaken rural broadband expansion projects.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with INDATEL and further our shared mission of connecting underserved communities in rural areas,” said Jerry Marshall, Chief Executive Officer at Netrality Data Centers. “Now more than ever, when so many critical aspects of our lives are shifting to the digital realm – including work, school, healthcare, and business – it is imperative that we don’t leave entire communities behind. Netrality and INDATEL can make a bigger impact together.”



INDATEL is a nationwide network dedicated to providing best-in-class, cost-effective transport connectivity via hundreds of thousands of fiber optic routes in rural and underserved markets. The mission of INDATEL is to be the premier nationwide facility-based Ethernet solutions provider offering superior connectivity from rural to urban America.

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