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Enabling Digital Business with Interconnected Edge Data Centers

Netrality's interconnected edge data centers ensure enterprises are only a cross connect away from their cloud on-ramp, a robust and secure connection to the cloud.

IDG’s 2018 State of the Digital Business Transformation report takes a deep dive into how enterprises are revising technology strategies, organizational structures, and innovating to enhance the customer experience. According to IDG, 89% of organizations have plans to adopt or have already adopted a digital-first business strategy.

What does “digital first” mean to IT leaders at these organizations?

According to those surveyed, top objectives when it comes to digital transformation include:

  1. Increasing worker productivity (52%)
  2. Using data to optimize business performance (49%)
  3. Meeting customer experience expectations (46%)

The common denominator? Speed. Increasing worker productivity requires faster access to the cloud-based tools they rely on as well as near-zero latency for chat and video apps, while running a data-driven business demands real-time analytics in the cloud. Every cloud-based business – from SaaS to streaming services – knows the importance of meeting customer expectations when it comes to speed.

Most enterprises already have digital capabilities, so the current focus is on optimizing their processes, increasing speed and reducing latency across multiple cloud and physical environments. The solution is bringing critical resources closer to users at the edge. That’s where interconnected edge data centers come in.

Interconnected data centers bring together multiple carriers and networks with cloud providers, managed service providers, enterprises and other customers within a single data center, allowing seamless connectivity within the ecosystem. This direct connectivity allows for ultra-low latency that enterprises need to enable more efficient data processing.

These interconnected edge data centers are the connectivity hubs, bringing key resources as close as possible to the end users that rely on them. With the growth of cloud-based processes, interconnected edge data centers ensure enterprises are only a cross connect away from their cloud or cloud on-ramp, a robust and secure connection to the cloud. These direct connections are necessary to deliver data reliably and at the speeds modern businesses require.

Netrality offers highly connected data centers, with the the most direct network access in the market. Netrality’s properties are located in major US connectivity hubs, joining a network of enterprises, network service providers, CDNs and cloud providers for direct connectivity and flexibility across multiple networks and clouds.

To learn more about how Netrality’s interconnected data centers can enable your digital business, contact us.

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