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Consolidated Communications adds Point of Presence at Netrality’s Kansas City Interconnected Data Center

Consolidated Communications has established a Point of Presence at Netrality's 1102 Grand interconnected data center in Kansas City to expand their network reach.

Netrality Properties recently announced Consolidated Communications, Inc. (CCI) set up a network Point of Presence (PoP) at their Kansas City interconnected data center at 1102 Grand, expanding the colocation services it can provide to customers across the Midwest.

Consolidated Communications is a leading business and broadband provider in the Kansas City region. The 1102 Grand network-neutral Meet Me Room ecosystem continues to grow evidenced by the addition of content providers, carriers, government, educational and enterprise networks. These factors prompted CCI to make an investment in a larger footprint at 1102 Grand, thereby enhancing its IP core and expanding capacity to meet the demands of the marketplace.

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“Our expanded presence at 1102 Grand is driven by the strong growth we are seeing in our carrier and commercial services and we are committed to providing even more benefits to customers looking for cost-effective solutions,” states Carol Wirsbinski, Chief Sales Officer at Consolidated Communications.

“1102 Grand is the premier carrier-neutral hotel in Kansas City with connections to virtually all carriers in the market,” added David Harral, Carrier Services Director for Consolidated Communications. “Our continued relationship and presence in the facility positions us at the nexus of telecommunications across the country and allows us to offer diverse and reliable solutions to customers in Kansas City and across our 11-state footprint.”

“We are pleased that CCI has expanded its presence in 1102 Grand,” states Hunter Newby, Joint Venture Partner at the 1102 Grand colocation facility. “Our existing customers will benefit from the ability to connect to CCI’s extensive local and national network and services.”

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