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Build Connections Faster With Megaport

With Megaport’s vast global network and on-ramps to cloud providers, customers can get the lowest latency between Netrality data centers and cloud regions.

You can now take advantage of Megaport’s cloud and data center interconnectivity across the Netrality portfolio in these four locations:  1102 Grand in Kansas City, 401 North Broad in Philadelphia, 210 North Tucker in St. Louis, and 1301 Fannin in Houston.

Megaport enables reliable, direct, and private access to an industry-leading 198 cloud on-ramps and over 700 on-net locations globally.  Low latency and high availability (100% SLA) from Megaport ensures Netrality customers can depend on the cloud, DC interconnect, or backbone to be available when they need it. The Megaport ecosystem features more than 360 service providers, including leading network providers, managed service providers, and public cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Rackspace, Salesforce, SAP, and Nutanix.

With Megaport’s vast global network and number of on-ramps to cloud service providers, Netrality customers can choose the path with lowest latency between Netrality data centers and cloud regions.  Customers can add additional connections on-demand as they are needed, ensuring future-proof solutions for hybrid and multicloud deployment strategies.

Megaport’s global, and secure network provides customers with a direct private route to production or non-production environments in AWS VPCs, Azure VNETs, Google VPCs, or Oracle VCNs, while also being able to build connections and scale bandwidth as needed to object storage options across CSPs.




By leveraging Netrality’s pre-plumbed fiber, we can ensure rapid provisioning and same day turn-up capabilities. Netrality customers can consume 1Mbps to 10Gbps Layer 2 or Layer 3 connections to multiple cloud on-ramp, and availability zones. Customers can right-size their connections to ensure they can scale services while optimizing costs.


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