Interconnected Colocation for
engineering Firms

Improve Productivity with Real-time Data Relay & the Lowest Latency

Netrality’s colocation data centers dramatically improve the day-to-day productivity of engineers and field workers with high-performance data processing on site, on plant floors, and in the field on mobile devices with the lowest possible latency.

The Interconnected Colocation Advantage

Engineering firms rely on Netrality’s data centers for:

  • Real-time data relay
    Netrality’s colocation data centers empower engineering firms with real-time data relay and communications between systems, sensors and devices.
  • On-site processing
    On-site processing Located geographically close to end users, Netrality’s facilities enable high-performance data processing on site at smart buildings, on plant floors, and in the field on mobile devices.
  • Optimized IoT and IIoT performance
    Easily combine in-device edge processing with established cloud services, optimizing the performance and scalability of IoT and IIoT systems while cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

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Unleash New Levels of Speed, Performance, and User Engagement

Faced with the demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution, IoT, IIoT, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, traditional IT infrastructures can no longer support the speed and processing requirements of engineering firms. Netrality’s interconnected data centers can.

Empower your firm with microsecond latency, real-time data relay, and unparalleled processing power today.

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