Data center solutions for
Digital Media & Content Providers

Reliable, Connected & Scalable Colocation for Uninterrupted Streaming of Digital Media

Netrality’s data centers bring the power of the edge as close to end users as possible for ultra-low latency and seamless, uninterrupted content streaming.

The Interconnected Colocation Advantage for Digital Media

Digital media companies leverage Netrality’s edge data centers for:

  • Reliability:
    Netrality’s colocation data centers are located in close proximity to end users, ensuring consistent quality of service under unprecedented bandwidth demands.
  • Connectivity:
    Direct connections to local carrier exchanges and backbone routers provide access to an ecosystem of clouds, network providers and best-in-breed CDNs, dramatically reducing latency and delivery lapses.
  • Scalability:
    Netrality guarantees scalability and flexibility to grow as your needs evolve, as well as to handle sudden usage spikes.

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Netrality Gives Digital Media Companies Dependable Delivery and Connectivity

Whether it’s video streaming, gaming, or advertising, content providers can’t afford latency. The slightest glitch in performance means lost customers and a damaged brand.

Netrality enables seamless content delivery with the lowest possible latency and connects you directly to the clouds and networks you need to deliver content in all formats.

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