UPDATE: Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic


As the World Health Organization has classified the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 as a global pandemic, the health, wellness, and safety of our customers, employees, and partners is Netrality’s top priority. Netrality facilities are 100% open and operational, with pandemic plans in-place for all facilities to maintain continuity of service and ensure the health and safety of all the stakeholders that interact with our facilities.

Please see below for an overview of our preparedness relative to the safety and health of our customers, employees, and partners; including the plans we have in place to deliver consistent, reliable service.

Actions taken to ensure customer, partner and employee health and safety:

  • Monitoring local public health guidance in each of the markets in which we operate, as well as recommendations of national and global authorities as the situation develops
  • Advising customers and staff to avoid of all non-critical face-to-face meetings, including vendor meetings, large gatherings, and large sales events with consideration given to using teleconference or video conference meetings
  • Advising employees to work remotely to the extent their roles permit
  • Increasing safety protocols across our data centers, including implementing enhanced sanitary measures with increased frequency of janitorial cleaning and sanitizing occurring at three times their normal cleaning intervals
  • Increasing availability of lobby and office hand sanitizer dispensers and restocking frequently
  • Restricting non-essential air travel
  • Deploying emergency response and Business Continuity Plans as necessary, with an increase in customer communications and updates
  • Preparing to transition (if necessary) to minimum critical onsite staff levels in markets determined to be higher risk with alternating teams/shifts to maintain service continuity
  • Leveraging our data center infrastructure management capabilities to extend remote monitoring and management capabilities, enabling our team members to work remotely in a fully productive way

Actions taken to ensure Business Continuity:

  • Netrality facilities are equipped with emergency and stand-by supplies to ensure we remain fully operational if remote operation becomes necessary
  • For potential employee absenteeism, we are have reduced staffing plans at the applicable facilities and operate with alternating teams to ensure no interruption in service and operation
  • Netrality regularly engages our critical suppliers to confirm their pandemic response plans and reviews their capacity to provide service continuity
  • Netrality has implemented our emergency response protocol, which includes assuring emergency infrastructure is in optimal condition, along with a deferral of non-urgent maintenance or repairs

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in order to help communicate more effectively with you regarding information and developments surrounding COVID-19. This document is intended to provide general information about Netrality’s response plans and procedures regarding these types of events.

Q: Does Netrality maintain a Business Continuity Plan and keep it updated?
A: Yes, Netrality regularly updates and reviews Business Continuity Plans.

To address the unique challenges faced in a pandemic, Netrality has designed a Pandemic Response Plan, which is supported by the overall Business Continuity Plan.

Local site teams manage local issues with the support of the leadership team.

Q: Has Netrality taken precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?
A: Yes, internal communication regarding employee and corporate initiatives to mitigate
exposure has been disseminated to all customers and employees. Preventative measures are posted for customers and third parties in common areas within our data centers as well. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of common areas, workstations and restrooms at each data center location. We have and continue to encourage our employees and partners to adhere to all of the CDC recommendations in measures of deterrence and preparation related to this pandemic.

Q: Is there currently an impact to any of Netrality’s locations?
A: There is no current impact to any of our data center locations. Should there be an impact to any of our facilities, we would continue the protocol outlined within our Business Continuity Plans and Emergency Operating Procedures.

Q: Is there a potential impact to your systems or delivered products? If so, what is that potential impact?
A: We anticipate that mass absenteeism is the likeliest risk to delivery of our service and products. To mitigate this risk, we have prepared the facilities to transition (if necessary) to minimum critical onsite staff levels in markets determined to be higher risk with alternating teams/shifts to maintain service continuity. Additionally, we have enabled team members that do not need to be present at the sites to work remotely in a fully productive way.

Netrality continues to assess the risk of Coronavirus as it develops. We will comply with directives of applicable governing authorities while maintaining our steadfast focus to continuity through mitigation and response procedures, utilization of third-party resources, and alignment of internal resources.

Q: Have steps been taken to address any potential impacts associated with third parties that support your operations from a pandemic perspective?
A: Yes, Netrality has a Business Continuity Plan in place, which includes coordination with all critical vendors to ensure preparedness of each party. Related procedures have already been activated. The details of our specific procedures in the Business Continuity Plan can be provided upon request.

Q: How will you be providing updates to customers and vendors?
A: All communication will be provided through our Incident Response Program that is currently being utilized for routine and emergency notifications to customers, while adhering to federal HIPAA and Privacy Act guidelines. The Incident Response communication network operates
remotely. There is no anticipated interruption in service to the network.

Q: How committed is Netrality to responsiveness and risk mitigation from a pandemic perspective?
A: 100% of our engineering staff is OSHA-10 certified and trained to recognize risks and adhere strictly to operating procedures focused on health and safety. Additionally, we maintain a Safety Committee of employees dedicated to championing safety-related causes. As such, the Netrality environment is accustomed to heightened vigilance for health and safety concerns.

Q: Are you as an employer mandating work-from-home strategies currently?
A: Work-from-home policies are being rolled out market-by-market based on local circumstances. Our employees supporting on-site operations, project management, and security of our data centers, continue to report to and work on-site. Should CDC guidance relative to any of our markets change, we are prepared to implement reduced staffing plans at the applicable facilities and operate with alternating teams to ensure no interruption in service and operation.

If you have further questions that may have not been included, please contact: tapplegate@netrality.com.