Megaport is a global Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider, integrating with leading cloud vendors and connecting to over 120 cloud on-ramps across the globe.


Megaport is a leader in Elastic Interconnection services. Using Software Defined Networking (SDN), the company’s global platform enables customers to rapidly connect their network to other services across the Megaport Network. Services can be directly controlled by customers via mobile devices, their computer, or Megaport’s open API. Megaport supports over 1,350 customers in more than 465 enabled data centres globally.

Notable Megaport partners include:

  • Alibaba Cloud Technology
  • AWS Technology
  • AWS Networking Competency
  • Google Cloud Interconnect
  • IBM Direct Link Cloud Exchange
  • Mirosoft Azure Express Route
  • Nutanix Direct Connect
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Salesforce Express Connect

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