Northland CAPS Students Tour Netrality’s 1102 Grand Carrier Hotel in Kansas City

On Tuesday, October 11th, Netrality Properties hosted two groups of high school students from Northland CAPS, a center for advanced professional studies, at our Kansas City interconnected colocation facility at 1102 Grand.

The students on the group field trip were all very interested in telecom and technology focused careers. They were given a detailed tour and in-depth look of the interconnection and network operations at 1102 Grand as well as an open Q&A discussion with Greg Elliott, the Director of Business Development at 1102 Grand.

“The Northland CAPS technology associates had a great time at Netrality’s 1102 Grand! They took a tour of the location, which included their data storage facilities, an understanding of their backup power supply and an inside look at the different providers that connect to the hub.”

– Sandy Henshaw, Executive Director of Northland CAPS

The data center at 1102 Grand is the most network-rich, core interconnection environment in the Central Midwest due to its geographic presence in the center of the telecommunication rights of way in the United States. It provides data infrastructure for carriers, enterprises, and service providers to interconnect reliably and cost effectively.

For more information about our 1102 Grand interconnected data center in Kansas City, please contact Greg Elliott at or click here.

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