data centers

Powering the Edge from the Network Core

Strategic locations

The most connected data centers at the network core in preeminent locations throughout the USA


Customized colocation solutions allow you to grow and scale as needs evolve

Long-term stability

Integrated building ownership and Meet Me Room management protect your business for the long-term

Ecosystem partner

Network-neutral colocation, partnering, not competing, for success with CDNs, MSPs, and cloud providers

In a world measured in microseconds, every mile counts

Meet user expectations for collaboration, data and applications with near-zero latency and interconnection from the core to the edge.

The Netrality Advantage

Enterprise Benefits

Direct and immediate access to competitive rates from multiple network providers. Direct access to cloud providers.

Cloud Provider Benefits

Direct last mile connectivity to enterprises. Access to the most interconnected ecosystem of edge cached content.

Network Operator Benefits

Core network locations offering strategic interconnection advantages. Most robust peering hubs in the region.

Managed Service Provider Benefits

Access to the most interconnected ecosystem of network operators. Cost optimization from direct access and competitive rates from carriers.

Trusted by The World’s Most Data-Intensive Businesses

Our Radical 5G Future

The 5G revolution is here, enabling unprecedented speed, bandwidth, processing and capacity at an industrial scale. For 5G to achieve mass adoption, organizations must interconnect at numerous edge data centers.

Welcome to the Era of Edge Computing

Download our new white paper, Welcome to the Era of Edge Computing, to learn more about Interconnected Edge Data Centers and how to evaluate the right one for your business.